Carevas 10PCS Triple Antibiotic Ointment 0.9gram/Packet First Aid Kit p2245

Carevas brand Triple Antibiotic Ointment us used to prevent infections caused by minor cuts, scrapes or burns. It contains neomycin sulfate, bacitracin zinc, and polymyxin-B sulfate, which has better function than normal product on market. 

First aid triple antibiotic ointment.
Convenient packet ointment, 10pcs a set.
Active Ingredients: Bacitracin zinc (400 units), Neomycin Sulfate (5-milligrams) and Polymyxin-B Sulfate (5000 units).
Help prevent infection in minor cuts, scrapes, burns.
Great for use at home, kitchen, travel, outdoor etc.

1. People who are allergic to antibiotic, pls be careful to buy it!
2. For external use only. 

Active Ingredient: Bacitracin zinc (400 units); Neomycin Sulfate (5mg=3.5mg of Neomycin Base); Polymyxin-B Sulfate (5000 units)
Net Weight: 0.9g / Packet
Packet Size: 7.5 * 4cm / 3 * 1.6in
Package Weight: 13g / 0.4oz
Package Size: 10 * 10 * 1cm

Package Included:
10 * Triple Antibiotic Ointment (A Set)

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